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August 2016


August 30, 2016

Granola bars are staples on our grocery list. We pack them in our work lunches or have them as a quick snack at home. It’s so hard to find good ones though! Their either super expensive or made with ingredients I’m not crazy about. I hate buying sketchy bars.

We do love Lara Bars, though they don’t technically qualify as “granola bars” in my opinion since they are really just ground up nuts and dates. Let me tell you though, these bars are the real deal. Full of oats, dried fruit, nuts and honey, super simple to make and cheaper than your average! Did I mention they are no bake? Win! Continue Reading


August 29, 2016

I bought a spiralizer for one reason + one reason only. That being to make zoodles of course.

Zoodles (n.) – spiralized zucchini resembling noodles or spaghetti. Duh.

Whenever I make zoodles I’m reminded of my dear friend, Sarah. She was my go-to gal in nursing school and we were both equally obsessed with zucchini noodles. After we graduated, she took a dream job at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and we have been pen pals (e-mail pals?) since. I love waking up to an email from her at an ungodly hour (she works nights) that’s filled with LMAO yeah, that really happened, only in nursing type of stories. She just gets me – even via email. Friends like that are the best. Speaking of, write me back betch! Or is it my turn? Ah! Continue Reading


August 29, 2016

The thought of making my own sauce always seemed extra to me. Like, why would I make my own if I can save some time and get one already made in a jar, right? Make your own tonight and you will see why. Don’t get me wrong – there are certainly nights I use an organic one from the store, but nothing compares to a homemade sauce simmering on the stove. Good news – my marinara sauce cooks quickly in a skillet with simple ingredients you likely have in your pantry. Continue Reading


August 27, 2016

I made banana bread for no lie 2 months straight once. Brian and I were eating paleo at the time and I was trying to perfect a grain-free recipe. Maybe one day I’ll share that one but I don’t care what you say, grain-free bread is just not the same. This banana bread though is the bomb.

I made this bread this morning (in my robe, obviously) with Remi at my feet licking my toes. Haha. He’s such a freak but I love him so much. I was never really a “dog person” per say. I mean yes, I like dogs and think they are cute but after a few minutes I’m like annoyed and want them to leave me alone. But Remi has really stolen my heart. I mean, I let this guy sleep in my bed – that’s when you know its real. I legit have to refrain myself from posting picture of him on IG daily because I realize how annoying crazy dog moms can be. Lol. Continue Reading


August 27, 2016

My phone is currently sitting in a bag of rice. I took it on a run, more like slow jog (slog?), with me yesterday and now there’s condensation stuck underneath the screen. -_- Why does this happen to me!? I thought every girl carriers their phone in their sports bra when they go slogging?! Ugh. And for the record, I woke up this morning and no, the ol’ put it in a bag of rice trick did not work. Continue Reading