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September 2016


September 27, 2016

I don’t know if I should post this as a breakfast or dessert. I’m totally in my PJ’s in the photos so I guess I can’t hide we had ice cream for breakfast. Haha. IT BE LIKE THAT SOMETIMES! B ran out this morning to get Remi (monster) food so I asked him to pick me up this ice cream I’ve been obsessing over lately. Continue Reading


September 24, 2016

Happy fall! I can officially wear a flannel + Uggs without being judged. Yes, Uggs. I know some people are indifferent to them nowadays but I can’t help but love them. I don’t care if every female under the sun owns them. There’s nothing like sliding your toes into those warm, fuzzy boots. I will gladly wear my flannel with my Uggs sipping on a PSL all season long. Lmao. Basic and proud. *Flips hair* Continue Reading


September 20, 2016

Work has been so hard lately. I’ve been working on more acute units and caring for sicker, more complex patients. It’s like a constant reminder that life is a gift. It may sound cliché, but when you work in the hospital and see that it can be taken from you within a blink of an eye, you start to appreciate the small things a little more. The piles of laundry don’t seem as important. The dishes in the sink or the stuff you’ve been meaning to return for a week now just don’t matter. You make time for what’s important and the other stuff just has to wait. Continue Reading


September 16, 2016

Our first Christmas B got me the ultimate gift, a Vitamix. I was speechless, in utter disbelief that someone loved me enough to splurge on this luxury kitchen appliance. The North Face button-down shirts and Clarks I got him were instantly less-cool. Lol. Continue Reading


September 13, 2016

I realize I may be rushing this whole fall thing on some of you since we technically have 9(!) days left of summer. I know, I know, I should be outside soaking up every last second of the summer sun. Whenever September hits though, I can’t help but think all things fall. Roasted veggies, soups, stews + crusty breads, cooking for me is much more comforting during these cooler months. AKA it’s officially leggings season and I can totally get away with dessert every night.

Today was the first day the air felt different on our walk with Remi this morning. I was borderline cold walking by the water without a jacket. I can’t wait until its socially acceptable to wear leather boots, denim, and flannel everything. I guess I’ll have to contain my inner basic for a couple more weeks. Can’t make any promises, though. *crying-laughing emoji* Continue Reading