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October 2016


October 29, 2016

This is weird…but it is so, so, incredibly good.

Partly because couscous in place of traditional pasta is genius, mostly because it’s loaded with bacon and cheese. Mmmm. Says the girl that promised herself this morning she was going to start eating better (stop eating like an animal) and get back in the gym(!).

Scones + biscotti(s) for at least 2 meals a day for 2 weeks or so really does catch up to you. No one is safe from the sugar, carbo load crash + burn. Except for Brian. Brian eats a pint of ice-cream at least 2 nights a week and is still an energetic lean green bean. So unfair. I really started to feel it these past few days though, the headaches, fatigue, the ravenous hunger I couldn’t catch up to…so I made the executive decision to sign up at the gym. Continue Reading


October 23, 2016

Still sick…

So I figured it was probably a good time to write up this post about the biscotti’s I made last week. Also a good time to thank my godsend of a boyfriend that has been dealing with my cranky ass. I kept him awake the past 2 nights whining about how sick I am. He gave me this bug so its only right he suffers till the end with me. Continue Reading


October 19, 2016

I’m sick. *Crying emoji* I sent (begged until he felt really bad) Brian out yesterday to pick up soup ingredients but I sadly couldn’t tear myself off the couch and away from Food Network to make it. I laid there sipping tea all day way too involved in Halloween Wars.

Being sick is the worst. I came home to Brian slugging shots of ACV straight out of the bottle the other day and I almost died. We are passed the natural remedies at this point though – bring on all the DayQuil and Afrin money can buy. I would like to breath out of one nostril, for like, 2 seconds. Continue Reading


October 14, 2016

The first time I had this salad Brian and I were at one of our favorite restaurants in New Haven, Cask Republic. We’ve been several times; on dates, with friends, for celebrations, etc., but this time it was just us, for Brian’s birthday. We love a place with great beer + small plates and Cask never disappoints. He ordered a beer, I went with a glass of red, and we shared a slew of small plates including this seasonal salad. Continue Reading


October 11, 2016

I had such a great time at our friends wedding last week. It was everything you would have wanted. We ate the most delicious food, drank (way too much) red wine and danced the night away to an awesome live band. Nonetheless, I woke up the next morning feeling less than my best (hungover AF) and spent the day sipping tea and snuggling with Rem. Continue Reading