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December 2016


December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! We are up early like true procrastinators to start on our mile long to-do list. B is headed out to the store to pick up a beef tenderloin for tonight while I bake off the rest of our cookies and nurse this hangover. We made a few stops last night bouncing around town to see our friends. It was such a fun night full of Christmas cheer, wine (beer, vodka, etc.), and so. much. food. Continue Reading


December 17, 2016

Seasons Greetings from sunny FL! 😎 We made it…finally!

Our flight was actually a nightmare. 😫 We woke up at the crack to make our 6am flight only to sit on the plane for “a few more minutes” about 2 dozen times while Heaven knows was getting repaired. 3+ hours later(!!), we finally took off just in time to miss our connector in Charlotte. Perfect. Continue Reading


December 12, 2016

We got our tree! Eeee!

Cutting our own last year was fun and all but it was a lot more work than we (B) anticipated and we were on a serious time crunch (since I promised game day chili) so we stopped at a little pop-up shop in town, picked out a beauty from Nova Scotia(!) and tipped a sweet high school boy to tie that baby on top of the Jeep instead. Continue Reading