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March 2017


March 29, 2017

I’m super proud of this one! I’ve never made a pie crust before. It definitely takes some practice but we got it! As you can see, this is a v v v rustic looking quiche but that’s more or less the beauty of it IMO.

My first attempt was a major fail — I tried to make a healthy-ish-?er version with almond flour but ugh, I should know better. Almond flour most definitely does not behave like APF. It is essentially ground up almonds (which we all know are high in fat) so basically what had happened was the dough just dripped off the sides of the pan and never came together. Ugh. Such a waste of a stick of butter. Continue Reading


March 25, 2017

These aren’t your standard bb muffin. They are grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free blueberry muffins so I guess they fall under the ‘paleo’ category. I have been experimenting with grain free baking again ever since my short stint with Whole 30. Lol. Confession: I didn’t make the whole 30 days. Technically. Continue Reading


March 14, 2017

It’s been so long!! Beans is officially back in action bc I ran out of money to spend on furniture. Lol kidding but not.

We’ve been in our new home for almost 2 weeks now and we are sort of semi-settled. I mean, besides the never-ending to-do list that I hear is pretty standard with homeowner-?ship, we are here! It still feels so unreal. Like we pull up and sit in the car for a sec and we’re like this. is. ours. We can put hundreds of holes in the walls and paint the door pink if we wanted to! No really, I’m thinking a blush pink front door. Is that cool or no?? Continue Reading