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May 2017


May 27, 2017

Happy weekend friends! I’m so excited to share this one. I’m back on my smoothie kick and loving this bowl inspired by some of my fav food/wellness bloggers. Totally jumping on the fun cosmic trend here too with this grey-ish blueberry-cauliflower smoothie. Don’t judge!! — it’s so yummy and healthy. Continue Reading


May 12, 2017

Oh em gee — hi!! — to whoever reads my thoughts here. I miss you (blog) — it’s been so long. I’m training at work M-F rn and I am officially *loathing* the 9-5 life. I want my three 12’s back! So I can cook and take fun pics during day light. I also really enjoy having a day off when the rest of the world seems to be at work. I get my grocery shopping done and feel less like a loser binge watching Chopped. Two more weeks to go and I can’t freakin’ wait. Continue Reading