May 12, 2017

Oh em gee — hi!! — to whoever reads my thoughts here. I miss you (blog) — it’s been so long. I’m training at work M-F rn and I am officially *loathing* the 9-5 life. I want my three 12’s back! So I can cook and take fun pics during day light. I also really enjoy having a day off when the rest of the world seems to be at work. I get my grocery shopping done and feel less like a loser binge watching Chopped. Two more weeks to go and I can’t freakin’ wait.

This might be the best week of the year though! It’s nurses week and Mother’s Day is this weekend! Nurses and mothers run the world (basically) so I gathered some recipes for you to celebrate with a fancy brunch. It covers all the basics — your sweet, savory, breakfast-y and lunch-y all at the same time. Just don’t forget the mimosas and/or bloodys!!






1. Corneal Waffles with Arugula — make the waffles the night before and toast them when you are ready. Trust. 2. Morning Glory Muffins are to. die. B loves these so much + so will your momma. 3. Whatever veggies you have Farmer’s Market Salad. Chop + toss with vinaigrette. Done. 4. Go-To Granola bc duh. I actually did give it away as Christmas gifts last year and also just brought a 5 cup bag to my hair stylist/friend! Lmao. My dad even loves it so you know it’s real. Top yogurt, serve with almond milk, or send home in little baggies as favors!

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