November 6, 2016

We went on a roady! And it was so much fun!

So here’s the thing about Brian. It takes very little to make him happy. Brian’s happy when I’m happy, when Remi’s good, and when there’s good beer in the fridge. No but really, he’s not happy unless I’m happy…and there’s always beer in the fridge. I know, I know…he’s a good one.

B is always so good to me but this past week he has been so, so good. I had a week-from-hell (see previous post re: not so blondie bars and subsequent meltdown(s)) and Brian was there as usual every step of the way, running to the store for ibuprofen, washing my scrubs, making dinner, etc. etc. Life is so hard sometimes! Find someone that makes your worst days not-so-bad and hold onto them tight. I joke…don’t leave me! I’ll find youuuu! *Creepy craggy voice*

So after a rough couple days for me, Brian suggested we get out of the house. We planned on going on a chocolate tour in Boston but later decided it was too far for these home bodies and didn’t want to leave Rem baby behind. Once B got word of the cans that dropped at Treehouse he looked at me and said, we might have to go. I bartered for lunch on him and said, ok – give me 10 minutes. I threw on some clothes and we were out the door to get the BEST IPA’S IN THE WORLD according to B + his posse.

The ride was painless and beautiful – a straight shot on the highway and then some back roads of deep CT showcasing what’s left of Fall’s foliage to the brewery. Remi loves to stick his head out the window but we are both a little paranoid we will turn a corner and loose him so it’s always short lived. Lol #dogparents

It’s hard to believe winter is almost here – especially after freak warm days like today. We both wore t-shirts and we’re perfectly comfortable waiting in the 200 foot line of crazzies waiting to pick up their allotment. Wednesdays are cans only so luckily it went quick and we only had to entertain Remi for a short time.

You know it’s real when your girlfriend comes with you so you can get double Curiosity 27 cans. Brian is obsessed with this series from Treehouse, particularly the Curiosity 22, because each beer is considered an experiment and is only canned once(!!!). Once as in November 2, 2016 is the only day you could purchase Curiosity 27. So cool! Curiosity 22 was a single IPA made with Amarillo hops and 27  is essentially a double IPA version of 22 coming in at 8% AVB, or as B says, a big-boy beer. He has already set up trades across the country and I can’t wait to see what he brings home!

“I literally can’t believe this beer is in my hands right now.

This is better than Bourbon County season.

Year-beer right here.

*Sips beer*

Oh, wow. That’s special.” – B

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