June 1, 2017

This isn’t really a recipe per se — more like a bunch of things I put in a tortilla but thought you would like it too so I took some nice pics and I’m posting it here!

I’ve been following a high fat, moderate protein, low-ish carb (I love you, pizza) diet and feel soooooooooooooooooo good. My brain is legit on fire. Upping your fats = improved mood, more energy, flat belly, balanced hormones, etc. etc. AKA just do it. Do it with these smoked salmon tacos bc they are so easy and delicious. Also do it with bulletproof coffee bc it will change your life. << I think I say “it changed my life” in every post but FOR REAL it changed my life. Also, side note — I found these new tortillas that are grain free(!) made with coconut and cassava flour and they are so freakin’ good. They are all the rage on IG so you know your girl had to try them.

I was scared of fat for a very long time. Really. When B and I first started cooking together I would not let him touch the olive oil because I had to get the tablespoon out and measure. Yes, that paranoid. It’s honestly insane we were all brainwashed to believe fat is bad. It’s true — as a society we were. Did you know the Sugar Association paid a group of scientists to write a literature review in the 60’s on studies they hand selected? These studies essentially took the spotlight off of sugar and blamed fat for American’s declining health, specifically heart disease. Decades later (and with the introduction of processed foods) we’re all fat and sick.<< Harsh but true. When I read about this in Dr. Bob’s book I almost stroked. Poor fat. He’s innocent I swear!! Your brain and your bod actually need fat so don’t skimp!

This post is a really good example of how simple food can be so delicious and healing — quality ingredients make all the difference — your health. I’m calling these snack tacos because I made them after-work before dinner as a quick and healthy snack. Not pictured: the hot sauce douse.


Smoked salmon
Cucumber slices
Radish slices
Red onion slices
Goat cheese

Put all ingredients in a tortilla and enjoy!

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